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How Analytics Disrupted the NPM Market & What's Next

Executive Boardroom - 4:35 pm - 5:00 pm

It is no secret that the IT landscape is evolving rapidly, creating new challenges for IT organisations. Megatrends such as mobility, desktop virtualisation, ransomware, the Internet of Things and the software-defined datacentre all demand that IT organisations operate smarter and are equipped with real-time insights into what is happening in their environments. However, legacy IT monitoring products have not kept pace with these changes, leaving enterprises with a hodgepodge of niche tools designed for the paradigms of decades past. Left without a means to cut through increasing complexity, IT teams struggle to achieve key outcomes. 

This session will offer a clear understanding of how your organisation can unlock the hidden value in your networks, discovering, observing, and analyzing every digital interaction as it occurs. 

This session will discuss: 

  1. How the network is the richest source of data. 
  2. How the network has become the common denominator tying everything together during digital transformation. 
  3. How organisations are able to mine the communications between devices for real-time insights and data-driven operation. 
  4. How your wire data can be used strategically within your IT ecosystem.

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