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Charging Ahead: Speeding Up Transformation Through Disruption

Executive Visions - 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm

Disruption alters, destroys, but also creates value. You realize the need to act once revenue starts to shift, which is happening at a faster pace than most would think. Disruption can be a great thing if you act upon it, but it's a threat if you watch idly. We will discuss how CIOs and CISOs can be proactive and act on disruption by figuring out how to identify, prioritize and respond.

Moderated by:

Becky Wanta, COO & CIO, One Degree World View details



Donna Kladis, CIO, Techtronics Industries View details


Michael Golz, CIO, SAP



Larry Quinlan, Global Chief Information Officer, Deloitte View details


Kathy McElligott, EVP & Chief Information Officer, McKesson Corporation View details